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Meet The Team

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Photographer & artist




Meet Bronwen Key

Photographer and artist

I am constantly looking at the world through a lens and everywhere I go, my camera goes with me. I am never bored when it is by my side.


As an award-winning international photographer I was used to travelling around to find the imagery I needed, or simply hopping in the car to drive to a destination and spend hours capturing images.


Unfortunately after developing a rare form of epilepsy I had to stop driving. This meant I lost a large part of my independence and my ability to roam at will with my camera whenever I felt inspired. 


Not being able to drive to far-flung places to capture the moments meant I had to get creative and be inspired in other ways and at times, it had to be literally on my doorstep.


After years of the trauma of different medications and living through the side effects of seizures, my husband, Graeme, and I started to regularly escape by simply jumping into the car at weekends and just driving the back roads of New Zealand whatever the weather. 


We had no fixed agenda, no plan - just whatever took us away from the chaos of daily life.  Graeme loves driving and exploring, I love creating art from our adventures and people kept asking me if they could buy my work! 


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New Zealand's landscapes have helped to heal my body and mind


The years that have followed have been a wonderful mix of experiences with crazy weekends, in all sorts of unusual places and meeting all kinds of characters and wonderful locals. 


When you stand in the middle of a sub-alpine forest and all you can hear is the gentle dripping of dew off ancient moss-laden trees and the crunch of nature’s debris underfoot as you simply just walk towards the sound of a hidden waterfall whilst being chased by native fantails - that is when you feel like you have been to another world. You just feel lost in the moment and it literally just heals the mind and body from everything that is negative in your life.

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My passion is recreating those scenes to evoke memories and interest


In an effort to recreate these experiences and to give me a new challenge as my artistic priorities changed, I began exploring blending my images with fine art techniques to create finished pieces that stir intrigue and emotion. With created textures and other elements of design that I have taught myself, I aim to create pieces that make you look twice before you can tell if it is photography or fine art.


It turns out that my unexpected journey has led to an extremely fulfilling artistic career creating pieces of art that make anyone want to go and explore themselves. 

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